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Our firm is the typical watchmaker's shop and all we do is repairing of the watches and clocks. We doing all kind of repairings: in the very old clocks and brand new quartz watches. We carry repair and renovation of the clocks be in trade now and in the far past.

We own the wide contacts with the suppliers of the watch parts all over the world. Our employees are the best professionals in watchmakers line of business. We specialize in repairing of all clocks ever made: new one, old one, mechanical, electronical and quartz.

As one of the last real watchmaker service in Poland, and maybe one of the last in the world we do a total repairing. We can repair even most destroyed antique clocks. If the original parts are not available, we can do them by hand made. We do the renovations and restorations of the very old clocks. We can make almost any part you wish. We put a new axles to the pocket watches and make by hand made the keys for the old key-watches. Here you can read about the restoration of the old pocket watches.

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We have a capability to order many parts needed for the old clocks: dials, pendulums and many more. For your ordering we can fetch a brand new cases for the old wall clocks made by the professional and best carpenters. We repairing absolutely any kind of watches, clocks, alarm clocks, coocoo clocks and we using the original parts from the epoch which we still have in the magazine. If you are interesting in details of repairing the old clock skip here please.

Repairing of the new quartz watches we doing every day. We repairing a hundreds of the different new watches: Timex, Casio, Festina, Orient, Poljot, Vostok, Atlantic, Delbana for example. In repairing we using the original parts from the producers. If the original part is not available, we can do this by hand made. Our prices are very competitive and the date of repair is very short. All repairings are done for a time.

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In our offer you can find a many watch-bracelets, wristlets, batteries, glasses, spare tubes, movements and many more parts. For your special order We can montage a special unique and completely new kind of watch if you wish. In our magazine We have a many new parts: cases, dials, hands, glasses, crowns, shafts, bearings, axles for a many kind of watches. Shortened List of parts you can find here. We do not sale the parts by retailing, we just offer parts including the montage.

We do our very best in our shop. We offer you a watch strips made of genuine leather in many sizes from 6 milimeters to 36 milimeters. Strips are produced in Poland, Germany, Italy, Austria, Swiss and Russia. All this in very attractive prices. In still offer we have a metal bracelets made of stainless steel. We also offer a real good quality strips and bracelets from the known producers like Reda, Hirsch, Bisset and Alfa. Part of our offer you can see here.

We have a largest offer of the batteries for the quartz watches. Smallest baterries SR416 and biggest CR2450 too. Batteries for the remote controls, car keys, fiscal cash office and many more equipments. List of batteries you can find here.

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We offer the glasses for watches, alarm clocks and wall clocks in almost every size you need. Sizes are from the smallest 12 milimeters till the huge size of 310 milimeters used in the big cabinet clocks. Glasses are made from real mineral glass, sapphire glass, hesalites, Plexiglas and the form is round, square, oval, flat, convex and many more… All in the many sizes.

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When the original glass is not available we can do the replacement glass hand made from the Plexiglas or even real mineral glass for the special order. We offer a spare tubes in every size from 6 milimeters til the 38 milimeters and various rivets for any watches. Also rare buckles for many rare stripes are available in our shop.

When the case had a destroyed ears it is no problem. We can repair them. We can do the ears made from plastic or metal for any cases. When the ear is repaired you do not have to buy a new case and you can safe your money. Ears made in our service are even stronger then original.

We can polish the unique plexi glasses which are not available in stores. Also we polish the silver and gold cases when it is need. We accept the cases to put the new chromium or golden layer. You can bring to us old dials for renovations. Repairing of dials are made by galvanization and puuting the computer print on the new surface. Below is the photo of the very destroyed dial and the same dial after the renovation.

części części części części

Renovation and restoration of the big size dials (for the wall clocks) we offer in several manners. We can do the dials engraved in the plastic plate. Another way of restoration is the artistic silvering and painting right on the dial surface. We can also polish the old dials and painting new numbers. We also offer the brand new crocker dials made in professional manufacture. You can buy any detail for the old clocks: brass frames, brass pendulum and more. When we repairing your clocks we also polish the pendulums and any other brass or gold plated elements. If the dials have an incomplete numbers we can paint them again on the plate.

Probably as the only one service we can repair the enameled dials for the antique clocksa like Gustav Becker or Junghans for example. Technology of the restoration of enamel dials is the strictly our own project and we know that no other watchmaker can do this like we can. We can repair the old destroyed enamel dial on the original plate. The below shows the brand new enamel "inside-dial" made in our service.


When the watch is destroyed too much we can replace the complete movement inside the case. We offer real high quality movements from Miyota, Eta, Ronda, Seiko and original Poljot too. We offer also movements for the quartz wall clocks.

The other of our offer is restoration of an old wooden cases. The many different manners of restoration is in our offer. We can do the restoration with using the lacquer, polish or the special restoration wax. Every client can decide which way he wish. We can restoration every element. We can roll every parts and even sculpture all elements, the little decoration faces for example. If you are interest in the clocks renewed in our firm you can click here. Below you can see the wooden crown for the old wall clock. First photo present the crown before the restoration, the second photo shows you a renewed crown.

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For the big cabinet clocks we can send a specialist using a big car to take the clock and bring it to our headquarter. (This service is available only on the territory of Poland)

We accept the clocks for repairing even without the cases. We have a many ways to check the clock after repairing and we don't need the case.


We are ready to take any order from the client all over the world. In the history of our firm we had a very different repairing. We repaired the smallest watches diameter several millimeters til the biggest tower clocks size a few meters. We repaired brand new quartz watches and very old 17th century clocks too. If the any quartz, tower clock, wrist watch or something else will be spoiled - we repair it.

Our client are not only the inhabitant of Bydgoszcz. Their come from many different Polish cities and even from the other countries. We repaired the watches which nobody wants to repair. We had an orders from clients all over the world. Our clients said we are an unique and maybe only one watchmakers in Poland who repair the ALL KIND OF WATCHES.

We are not afraid of any work and we never say "impossible". We would like to invite you to our "Watchmaker Firm Onufry Matkiewicz 1905" !

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